JIGG Kansai Rocks!

http://boardgame.geekdo.com/guild/752 Visit JIGG Kansai`s  Homepage

JIGG Kansai`s Events Group:


JIGG Kansai just held a Con that rivalled STAN!`s famous JIGG Con in Tokyo

many, many moons ago.     I know because I saw the video!

A gaming group for the Kansai area. All types of games are played: board games, card games, miniatures and RPGs, but primarily we focus on board games. Game days and events are held in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. We welcome new players of any level of experience to join us. Spouses and families are welcome as well. If you’re in the Kansai area for a vacation and you have some time to play board games, just post here and

you’ll be sure to find someone to join you for a few games.

Please check the main website for JIGG Kansai for up to date information on game days. If there are no game days currently planned, feel free to create one and invite JIGG Kansai members to join.


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