R/C Supplies in Kanto

R/C Supplies in Kanto

Pictured: The awesome Type 74 tank. Oooh Santa, could you?

Christian Pugh from a post at JIGG`s Yahoo Group

Go to Akihabara. There are lots of electric parts stores there. For specifically R/C you could try Yodobashi Camera, they might have some in the train section. There is also an electronics specialty store that is hard to find but has a lot of the kinds of things you can only get at Radio Shack. I forgot the name offhand. But it is on the other side of the street from the station, behind the sega world i think?
There is an 8-bit billboard of Mario and Pac-Man on the wall at the end of the alley where the store is. It`s a really small shop.

The other big place to get electronic and all modeling parts is Tokyuu Hands. There are at least 2 in Tokyo.

One is in Shinjuku, and I think the other one is in Ikebukuro? Google the locations. There may be a third one somewhere.Labels: ,


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