Beppu Warhammer Tournament 2010

If you’ve ever fancied a trip down to Kyushu, there’s a Warhammer tournament
this June in the famous hot springs resort town of Beppu.

Taken from the event webpage at :

Warhammer Tournament Beppu 2010
Saturday June 21st to Sunday June 22ndDice 2

(Photo by Michelle Dennis)

Beppu Shimin-kaikan (Citizen’s Centre)

As only 16 players can participate, registration will happen on a “first come,
first served” basis. Observers are welcome and do not need to register or pay
any participation fee.

More info is in the player packs (English and Japanese), which can be found on
their event page. The scoring seems to be done on a mix of victory points,
sportsmanship and painting. The aim of the tournament is “have fun playing a few
competitive games… and widen their circle of friends among fellow generals and
hobby lovers”. Erm, and “enjoy the hot springs”!

Hoping to get gamers from far and wide, so please sign up quick!



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