Ultra Cheap Miniatures


Ultra Cheap Miniatures – Yahoo Group

Is one of my favorite unsung sites for cheap

minis and I learn a thing or too.  Here is what they say:

This group is for links to ultra cheap wargaming.

How do you know if you are an ultra-cheap wargamer? Well, if you ever bought a Risk(c) game just to cannibalize the pieces and paint them as Napoleonics, or if you have a space fleet made of nuts, bolts, and bits from Michael’s Craft Shop, or if you cast your own figures, or if you have one or more armies of paper flats, or if you have painted up green army men to serve as Modern warfare miniatures, you probably qualify.

Note that this will not be a very active group, message-wise. Neither is it intended to be.


If you have a link to a source of cheap miniatures, or free gaming rules, or anything similar, it belongs here.


And post an announcement about it. I will try to clear out the dead links every month or so.


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