Meanderings: West Tokyo Gamers and Grandpa`s Medal

My friend Bruce was kind enough to look up and see what my grandfather`s medal meant.
“Honi soit qui mal y pense”

The wikipedia article also lists various units that had this as their motto. Perhaps the medal is related to one of those units.
He actually won a couple and this one is one of the minor ones apparently.
And West Tokyo Wargamers site. Worth a look. Seem to be an active group.

Burns takes Superbowel 2!

The site of Superbowel 2

The tournament of American style electric football was held in a stadium in the desert of Pheonix that was still under construction. Kevin Burns and his Seattle Seahawks narrowly emerged victorious.

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Superbowel 2, Burns gets Revenge! Electric Football Championship

In an unfinished football stadium that might better have been called Under Construction, rather than Superbowel 2, Coach Burns and his Seattle Seahawks
narrowly defeated Richard Baladad`s San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers were the reigning champions and favored to walk off the field with
more hardware, especially after taking the lead in the middle of the second
quarter on a safety. Only to have it called back on a penalty. “Hey my player
went backwards, what an idiot!” Burns was heard to complain.

The referee looking up the rulebook realized that electric football players are not allowed to go backwards, they are allowed to hold hands and dance around in circles, even with the other team!

Bad, Bad, Baladad and the Mean Machine then went on the attack. They wracked up yards only to fumble the ball in their half of the field.

Ferguson the star of Seattle was able to romp into the end zone several plays later to the uproar of the fans sitting in the part of the stadium that had been finished.

Baladad got his players going in the second half and they kept the ball in the
offensive zone for much of the 3rd and 4th quarters but failed to put any points up on the board.

But we all know that Baladad and his men will be back, for Superbowel 3.