Lego Instructions – Isn’t It Time You Invented Your Own?

Lego Instructions – Isn’t It Time You Invented Your Own?

Lego Instructions – Isn’t It Time You Invented Your Own?
By Kevin R Burns

You’ll find full Lego instructions included in most of the Group’s theme sets – be they Lego’s own classic themes, or themes which the Company has licensed from well-known cartoon and film franchises.

Lego’s long-running classic themes include such greats as the Company’s Space, Castle, City and Pirates sets, all of which boast several sub-themes. Whilst licensed themes include extremely popular kits such as the Star Wars, Sponge Bob, Toy Story, Harry Potter, and Spider Man sets, not to mention numerous others.

However, these famous little plastic building bricks are renowned for their durability so, what happens if the instructions for the kits get lost along the way? Well, that’s no problem really, for you’ll discover plenty of sites on the Internet where you can download instructions for free, not to mention the Company’s own website.

But, as well as being durable, versatile and good value-for-money, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the main beauty of these colorful building bricks is that they’re a tremendously fun way of developing children’s creative skills.

So yes, Lego sets and kits are a wonderful way of first getting kids interested in the plastic construction game but, once this interest has been aroused, why not purchase the more affordable buckets of bricks and invent and develop your own constructions?

Because the plastic blocks are so durable and easy-to-clean, you could even buy them resale by placing adverts under the “Wanted” section of local press, or by checking out what’s on offer online at eBay. Just make sure the bricks are the right size and in the proper Lego colors of red, blue, yellow, green, tan, black, white or grey. Invest a bit of time, and you’re sure to unearth some fabulous bargains which will lead to hours of affordable family fun.

Once you and your family have the hang of inventing and building your own constructions, why not write instructions for these? That way, friends and other family members can try them out.

Remember that your plastic bricks will last a long time, and could well end up being passed on to consequent generations. Wouldn’t it be great for these future generations to have photos and instructions of their family’s own, unique Lego inventions?

Not only that… you’ll also discover heaps of sites online where you can upload photos and instructions of your own inventive constructions, so that you can share them with other Lego fans.

So, put your thinking caps on and get inventive! It’s time to start building your own constructions and writing your own Lego instructions!

Kevin Burns is creator of, where you can read about and share your Lego instructions.

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