Wargames – Battles at the Kitchen Table

Wargames – Battles at the Kitchen Table

Wargames – Battles at the Kitchen Table
By Victor Epand

Wargames are games that usually use military tactics while focusing on some fantasy type situation. In the real world military war game means that they will try out some military training maneuvers in a game like setting. These exercises help real soldiers to develop strategies and learn how to be prepared for any tactical situation.

In 1898, the creation of non-military type of wargaming was created by F. Jane who was famous for recreating sea battles, using lead and tin solders to replicate whole armies were the basis of these recreations. These collections of earlier armies were used to show how famous battles were won and lost.

In the 1970’s and 80’s wargaming opened new doors when they added science fiction situation and fantasy scenarios, using these miniature figurines whole lives could be created and entire wars could be carried out. These games quickly became a favorite of gaming enthusiasts and science fiction fans, people all over the world could live out whole lives in these games and create complicated strategies for winning, causing many companies to come up with many different wargame games.

The wargaming environment comes in three different categories, each with different types of game play. The first of these games is the historical wargames, in these games you are recreating historical wars, you can play games such as Napoleonic Wars, or the American Civil War. These games can be exciting recreations of interesting wars. The next type is the Naval games which recreates the famous at sea battles such as Jutland and Trafalgar. The last of these three are the most fun of all of the types is the fantasy wargame miniatures, they come in popular types such as Warhammer, The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures.

Playing these games require strategy in how you collect your pieces and build your terrain using skills like building a model railroad. You will want to research the history and make accurate recreations. Figures are usually made using pewter, lead and in many cases plastic. The games themselves are usually made up by the creator of the game and are usually based on history. Many like to create their own models, however in many cases, you can buy these sets in specialty stores and through their manufacturers.

There are some normal scales for the actual height of the figures; in any of the series you will find that they are all about these sizes.

The figures have standard sizes, most are 1 inch high or about 25 mm, and this is called the 1:72 scales. Usually this is the size of most toy soldiers. Another popular scale is the 1:32 scale in which the figures are about 2 3/8 inches high or about 54-56 mm high. Many of the British soldiers are this height. The more modern miniatures are somewhat smaller; because the belief is that if the figure is smaller the battle can be bigger. The models come in many small sizes such as microarmor which is 1:285 or 6mm and Dungeons and Dragons miniatures are 1:64 or 1 1/4 inches or 25mm and is one of the most popular for fantasy role playing games. There are also some that are used specifically for heroic leads, which may be 28mm.

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