The Dead Games Society

The Dead Games Society

I’m a former member of JIGG who, having moved back to Chicago, am now involved
with a new group dedicated to out of print games and older game editions–we
affectionately call these “dead” games. The group is called the Dead Games
Society and I was curious if anyone from JIGG would like to join. We have
members so far in the United States, Britain, Brazil and Australia but I would
like to see us expand into Japan.

The DGS has earned premiere group status with Gencon and on top of our own
dedicated website and forums, we have a forum on the Gencon boards as well. . We are also working with GAMA
(The Game Manufacturs Association) and will be running a 1st Edition AD&D
tournament at Origins 2011, in addition to many other “old school” games.

If interested, check out our site at and maybe you can help us
find other gamers interested in the “old school” or “dead” games. Also check out
our blog at where we post articles on gaming and
geekdom from the last millennium.


Chad Parish, a.k.a Red on the DGS forums


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