A Rebuttal on the Trouble with JIGG

This was in rebuttal to a particular post at the forum and also just
my feelings on JIGG in 2010.

Frankly I don`t think anyone should be criticized for what they post.
I would just be happy that they post. I posted a link to a good article that
Alexander Ashton wrote a while back, but I occasionally repost things that I
feel some people might be interested in. –When I come across them again.

I don`t feel I deserve any criticism for that. I`m a little annoyed
but not angry about the criticism. (I don`t think Giovanni`s criticism is
really with me though, I think he is frustrated with the
state of JIGG and I can understand that.)

As long as it isn`t spam. And posting on topic certainly isn`t spam.

JIGG members are the victims of geography. We live in a very long
country of islands. That makes it tough. But not impossible to get together.

I can see the benefit of some of the newer forums (past couple of
years)–multiple topics, right there in front of you–easy to use and sign up

To some extent, I think all the forums has lead to some fragmentation.
But mostly we are fragmented geographically. We have members in Kyushu, all
over Honshu and of course former members abroad.
Multiple forums based on region have also helped people in that region arrange
local games in a timely fashion.

As opposed to the guy from Shikoku doing a shout out at this forum
and being stunned by the silence. I think the local forums
definitely fill a purpose (provided prospective members can find them.)

As for a president. I too miss Steve and Mike Montesa.

I agree with others that is missing from JIGG is a strong leader who is going to
stay for a while. We had that with Steve Brown, then Mike Montesa.

If someone would come to the fore and be president that would be
great. Any offers?

I think this is important so I will shout it:


It might be a good idea to try to attract more Japanese members to JIGG.


They are generally nice guys, good game players, they will be staying in Japan
long term (in general), they will help to legitimize the
I in JIGG, plus one of them might be willing to be president for more than a few

People have been saying much of the core of JIGG has left. I agree.
So maybe the core should look more Japanese for the future success of our club.

Because of the expat-nature of our core:
JIGG tends to boom and bust. I know, I have been around for the long
haul of JIGG. When the president leaves there is no one to take the reigns.

I am too busy with family etc, to organize anything regularly,
and anyone who has hosted a large event will know how much work it is.
Maybe that sounds lame, but there it is.

We need someone to take the lead. That`s easy for me to say though.

Someone who is going to be around for a while, will need to volunteer.

When Steve was president, we had regular ads going into the Mainichi
Daily News (I think it was.) I donated 200 dollars and put an ad
in the Tokyo Journal for JIGG, to drum up members and get the ball rolling.
Steve also came out with a regular newsletter to keep the club going and give us

I hosted regular events at one of our schools. I didn`t have three
kids back then. I also had a lot more energy. I was 29.

Then the internet became more popular and we had our Yahoo group here.

JEFF Lewis made a very nice website.

I have made my Kevin`s JIGG pages here and there over the years.

Myself, I promote and have promoted JIGG for years, through posting
links (all over the place). I have links to JIGG at my various

Down in Nagoya there are doing well, and maybe can teach us a few things about
how to get the club going again. They have a nice
forum about game events down in the Tokai region, and last I checked it was
pretty active.

One of my sites is getting 7,000 visitors a month and JIGG is on the
front page of that site. So things like this should help.

On Sunday I will go to watch ballet. I will take my daughter to ballet on
Saturday. My dance card in other words is pretty full.

I`m happy enough with the way things are. If I want to find someone to play
with I can do it at one of the JIGG forums.

But certainly a president would help if someone could make a commitment for two
or more years. I think a term as president should be at least two years.

I will get off the podium…

Kevin Burns


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