Imperial Star Destroyer

Imperial Star Destroyer is one of the amazing ships in Star Wars.

by Jonah Burns

It is THE capital ship of the Imperial Navy. The Star Destroyer first apears in Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope. It is armed with Tractor Beam Projectors,Turbolasers, and Ion Cannons.

It carries 72 Tie Fighters And 2 Lambda-class shuttles. It carries AT-STs, AT-ATs, AT-PTs and other ground forces. I think it is the best space ship in Star Wars.
My take on this great Ship!
by Sennah Burns

It is not so difficult to make. It is about 60cm long.

We can shoot and take of the pieces. It looks like the real one from the movies so it is really cool. Inside it has a robot.

I think this is really cute. So I like this ship a lot.

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