Solitaire War Games

Solitaire War Games

(by Simon Mueller)

There’s a bunch of geeklists about solitaire games around already, but none is strictly about solitaire WAR games. Since users more frequently specifically ask for recommendations of solitaire war games than solitaire games in general, and having responded to at least five of such prompts, I decided to create this geeklist. I hope it will serve as a reference. Expansions are included in the base game entry only when they have separate BGG entries.

How this list is ordered:

1) Boxed games. In chronological order, but games which use the same or similar systems are listed in sequence.

2) Magazine games. Ordered alphabetically and by publisher.

3) Print’n’Play games. Disorder. Read More


2 thoughts on “Solitaire War Games

  1. Hello,

    I’m interested in a list of all known IN PRINT and/or WILL
    BE in print solitaire war games, Thanks.

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