Mejiro`s Game Days

Mejiro`s Game Day Summary

Just a short summary of the last gameday (Sunday January 30), slightly delayed due to work commitments.

This time some 14 people showed up with a lot of new faces as Dave has been spreading the good news through We hope they will join us next time as well. As a result Jay moved us to a different room, across the street, which is more spacious.

Among the games we played (and I likely will have forgotten a few):

Nuns on the run ( )
Cosmic encounter ( )
Arkham horror ( )
Galaxy trucker ( )
Ascension ( )

and at least two little filler games whose names I forgot. One about digging up treasure in old Mayan temples and a card game that was so silly (in a good way) it kept us laughing.

In addition, there was a big pile of games that people brought but we did not get around to. So plenty to choose from.

Next gameday will be February 27, and yes, it’s the last Sunday of the month!



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