Interesting Stuff!

Hello everybody of JIGG!

I just thought I let you in on a couple of interesting stuff I found on
the Web, maybe there’s something for one or the other.

Here we go:

In search for the Uber-Fantasy-World? Take a look at Glorantha:
(Link found in the Game Designer’s Journal on the Gaming Outpost:

Steve Jackson Game will release what could become the defining game for
JIGG: “Chez Geek” (Have a look yourself)

In search for gaming reviews and other stuff? Have a look at RPGNet
(lots) or the Gaming Outpost (few):

Beautiful modular terrain for miniature games is produced by GeoHex,
with and without printed hexes (expensive though)

For all Cthulhoids out there: Pagan Publishing and the Unspeakable Oath
Online are at:

The Blue Room, an interesting page by S. John Ross (e.g., check out
“Gunmetal Blue”, a page about Badassitude in RPG’s)

That’s all about the more obscure links. Have fun!

^_^ Roland


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