Jeff Lewis on the meaning of life and death in Civilization

This was a game of Avalon Hill`s classic Civilization
that Jeff Lewis and I played. It was my first game too, so I listed to any advice offered. I think I am the man who was the victim of the all out war
Jeff talks about.

Jeff Lewis:

So it wasnt’ RPG but it did taste real good.

There I was in my first game of Civilisation doing middling in the
middle of the game.
A fight kicked off between two countries and one of them lost his rag
and declared all out war.
Thus dooming himself to last place and probably dragging down the other
guy with him.
Then I was hit with a Civil War which meant I had to give up nearly half
my units to another player
Normally you pick the player coming in last.
Give them to me ! yelled Italy ‘you know I will use them to attack
I looked round the table, several embarrassed faces, one pained Egypt,
one gleeful Italy.
A little devil/angel appeared on my shoulder and spoke ‘No, Egypt gets
‘WHAT you *#%&'(, (&’%#* WHY ?’ yelled Italy
‘Because this game is called Civilisation and you are not Civilised ‘
spoke my figure.
Italy died and exited stage left scattering obscenity on his way out the

Maybe it was distraction or thanks from the others but I went on to win.

Its been remembered ever since, but it wasnt me , it was that little guy
on my shoulder.


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