NagoyaHammer 2011

Hi Everyone.

This is to announce that the date for NagoyaHammer 2011 has been set.

On Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th of May 2011, battle will be joined with players coming from all across Japan. Both of these days are national holidays, but if you have the kind of job where you have to work regardless, you have 7 months to convince your boss to give you a couple of days off.

As with last year there will be spaces for 30 players, though since team games were so popular last time, that number isnt fixed. Spaces will be available on a First Come, First Served basis. Unlike last year, you are under no obligation to announce which armies you will be bringing, but I will be in contact with you about your lists. Please pass this information on to everyone you know who plays Warhammer 40k.

Details of the event will follow later, so you still have time to get your votes in on the “What do you want?” thread. So far it is looking like things will be the same as the 2010 event.

Sign up in this thread. DO NOT discuss the event here. A new thread will be started for that purpose. All non-relevant posts will be deleted without notice. I want this thread kept nice and simple so I can see who is coming.

Looking forward to another awesome couple of gaming days.

Venue and Accommodation

The Venue and accommodation.
The event will be held here:開催場所は、上記をご覧下さい。
These hotels , are near the venue.
The nearest station is Kanayama. Kanayama is 5 minutes from Nagoya on the JR Chuo and Tokaido lines and the Meitetsu line. It is also accessible by subway using the Meijo line.
There are lots of restaurants, bars, Izakayas and Karaoke near to the event hall.


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