Samurai Swords – Shogun

Has anyone played the Milton Bradley game “Samurai Swords” (formerly
‘Shogun’)? It is an Axis/Allies-type game first sold in the 1980s, now
reissued. It can be found at some online toy shops.
I played once in ~1986 and was pretty atmospheric- plastic armies, castles

Has anyone played it? Man, this is like, “the official JIGG game” almost!
We play this game often at our meetings, along with all the other MB
Gamemaster series games. I myself have all the games in the series, which
includes; Samurai Swords, Axis & Allies, Fortress America, Conquest of the
Empire (played last Sunday), and Broadsides & Boarding Parties.

I’m trying to get as many people as possible to learn the system so that we
can just sit down and go. Usually these games take 5 to 6 hours to finish
with a full board. You’ll be so wasted afterwards you won’t be able to do
much else. And you’ll love it!

We like these games for several reasons; bits factor (lots of cool pieces);
they look great; they are multiplayer games (except B&B which is only two);
they’re fun.

Jeff Lewis has even made up a MB Gamemaster style game covering the
Napoleonic Wars called Napoleon’s Crown. This is a design of Jeff’s own,
and is sort of an amalgam of SS and A&A. It also plays really well and
looks really good. Unless you want to pay him ¥25,000 to hand make a copy
for you, the ONLY place you can play this great game is at the JIGG



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