Game Days at Camp Zama, a Mainstay at JIGG for Years!

Camp Zama, Kanagawa
What is going on? Just ask the unstoppable James Keller! Camp Zama game days have been one of the consistent mainstays of JIGG. Plus going to Camp Zama is like going to the USA for the day. Yards, and yards of grass, trees and flowers, plus games of all kinds in a large room with many games. I plan on going with Bruce at some point.
Contact James if interested: – Email James: ngolmo at

Old Soldiers Magazine News

Howdy Gents,

I’m hoping to get the next issue out on the 15th of April. I’m in need of articles, it would indeed be helpful if I could receive 3 or 4 more articles for the coming issue. Personally I’m working on articles on “The Battle of Ctesiphon”, “Pavia 1525”, “The Sikh Wars”, and the next installment of my article on the Boer War. I haven’t had time to do any indepth studies of wargames in the last months.

My mother’s surgery was successful, but her convalescence is very slow, so I’m still doing things like helping her out of chairs and making sure that even though she walks (or in fact shuffles) through the house under her own steam, I’m there to catch her when she stumbles, and stumble she does. It is time intensive, and I thank everyone who has written for their support and well wishes. It seems there are many of us soldiering on under similar circumstances taking care of elderly parents. And, one day not too long from now, we will be in the same condition, much as we all hope to the contrary.

SO, please, if you all can, article contributions over the next 20 days or so would be helpful.

Take Care,
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