Golden Week Convention in Moriguchi-shi, Osaka-fu

Photo of train station in Japan by
Richard Baladad

Golden Week Convention in Moriguchi-shi, Osaka-fu

Hi there. For the third year running, we are hosting a gaming event in Osaka.

Last year’s attendance was around 35 on the biggest day, and we’re hoping for
something similar … or even better … this time around.

The convention is a 4 day event, running from Friday 29 April to Monday 2 May
and concludes with a BBQ dinner in the park near our house.

On the first and last day, it will be held at our house. We have booked large
community centre rooms for the Saturday and Sunday, which we are expecting to be
the two biggest days. As always, it’s a fully catered event – no need to leave
the venues to find food 🙂

We have created a bunch of polls on the Kansai JIGG site for this year’s
convention attendance. You’ll need to join the Kansai JIGG to answer the polls.

Here is some important information you’ll need in order to do that.

This year the fees will be as follows:

Per day: 1,500 yen including food and drink throughout the day. This is usually
a self service all day sandwich and salad bar or similar, with various snacks
and soft drinks provided.

Accommodation: 1,000 yen per night at our place including breakfast and your own
special corner of the floor, complete with cat wake up call. If we’re full, we
can try to find a billet or recommend some local places.

Sunday evening dinner: 500 yen extra, as it will be provided at a local Indian
restaurant which is 2 minutes’ walk from the venue – and fabulous.

Monday BBQ: 1,000 yen per person – this covers all the food, but please bring
your own drinks.

Please let us know in the polls if you are interested in running or playing RPGs
or miniature/wargaming. It makes it easier for us to coordinate these.

Please bring your family, even if they aren’t interested in gaming. We will
provide space for them and non-gaming family is FREE!

The more the merrier. If you have some Japanese friends who are interested,
please invite them along. This is not a foreigner-only event.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Ryan & Linda


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