Playing Games in Saitama

Hello, all.

My name is Jason, and my wife and I are gamers. We enjoy roleplaying,
board games, and Magic: the Gathering. We’d like to invite gamers to
our house on Sundays, though a steady, weekly commitment is, of
course, not necessary. Basically, we’ve got the space, the games
(though others can feel free to bring along theirs, too), and the
time, so why not enjoy gaming?

For our roleplaying game, we’ve got a drop-in game we can do. More info here:

We love to play MtG, mainly Commander, not standard 60-card version.
If you’ve got decks, bring ’em.

We also have the board games “Axis & Allies”, “Samurai Swords”, and
will soon be getting “Mansions of Madness”.

All are welcome, so if you’re free any Sunday, drop by. If you want to
play, cool. If you want to run something, that’s also cool. Just let
us know in advance.

Place: Jason and Karyn’s house
Station: Nanasato (Tobu-Noda line)
Time: 1 pm ~ last train
Email: gilalion at gmail dot com



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