JIGG, Japan`s International Gamers Guild

JIGG, Japan`s International Gamers Guild



連絡はkevinsenglishschools at hotmail.com迄。


Wargame Events in Japan I hope you enjoy our club! If you have any articles about roleplaying games, or historical simulation boardgaming, post them at the link above.
We are the English speaking roleplaying and wargames clubs of Japan. Many members speak both English and Japanese, so if you only speak one of them, you are still welcome to come and play games with us!

You don`t need to give up your hobby if you come to live and work in Japan!

グループの説明: JIGG: 小田原ウォーゲームサクル。私達は歴史のゲームが好きです。たとえば「将軍」や「関が原」のよな日本の歴史のゲームをします。世界の歴史のゲームもします。私達はPEACEが大すきです。戦争のことをよく考えるので本当に悪いことだとわかります。ご連絡下さい:
カテゴリ: ウォーゲーム
Email: kevinsenglishschools at hotmail.com


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