JIGG, Japan`s International Gamers Guild – On Wargames

JIGG, Japan`s International Gamers Guild – On Wargames

“Alexander the Great. Napoleon Bonaparte. George Patton. Men whose military genius shaped the world around them.

War games let you re-create and out-do the epic accomplishments of these great men by putting you in charge of the grand strategies and sharp tactics that decide the fate of men and nations.

War games also encompass non-historical settings, such as futuristic science-fiction conflicts and fanstasy battles between men and monster.

Whether you are a student of history looking to examine a particular era, or a casual gamer looking to enjoy a new gaming experience…”–(Fun Again Games Store Site), wargames allow you to explore history.

JIGG members meet all over this island nation. While many of our members reside in the Tokyo-Kanagawa area, we have members everywhere. Our society is composed of a group of people who enjoy wargames and roleplaying games. These are games about history, politics, economics, future history and science fiction–these games are usually referred to as wargames. While roleplaying games can be played with a gamemaster or on a computer, other games are played on a board, with cards, on a table top, or on a computer We have members from all over the world! In JIGG, the majority of the members favor roleplaying games.

In HisSim Japan, most members enjoy wargames. Some members play a mixture of both and both clubs host a mix of events. Most people have a game they enjoy, and post on our discussion boards to organize a game at their apartment, or anywhere they can borrow a table and some chairs. Some games have even been held outdoors at local parks! Choose a game you like, and post for opponents or roleplayers at our discussion boards listed here.


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