JIGG, Japan`s International Games Guild

Co-founded by yours truly, Kevin Burns, but more importantly by Steve Brown, who really made us a great club. He produced a zine that was top notch, and really put JIGG on the map. Then he went on to great things in America.

JIGG has been Japan’s largest and longest running English speaking and bilingual gaming group.

Do you live in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba or the surrounding area and were looking for a group to play your favorite games? Then the JIGG Tokyo guild is what you have been looking for. We play roleplaying games, boardgames, CCGs (Collectible Card Games, i.e., Magic) historical simulation games (wargames), miniatures games (including historical miniatures and games by Games Workshop), and traditional games like chess.

Regular meetings are organized at least once a month. Just bring your favorite board game and there will definitely be someone willing to try it with you.

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