The morning light shines on a village in Europe just before the offensive is to begin.

The Japanese Tank Discussion Group

Unlike the publications available to the legions of enthusiasts interested in the Wunderwaffe of the German war effort, there is no central forum available to those of us who are interested in the armored forces of Imperial Japan…until now.

Through the services of Yahoo!Groups, I have decided to modernize my newsletter on the topic and invite others to contribute to Senshagun, the only publication dedicated to the study of this somewhat obscure topic.

The parameters are simple. Senshagun is interested in postings on the following topics:

1) Japanese armored vehicles and related vehicles from the so-called “Imperial” period, running from circa 1917 (the approximate acquisition date of the first Japanese tank) through 1945 (the end of the Japanese empire)

b) Information on Japanese armored units, either in the terms of order of battle and TO&E, or pertaining to their employment during the wars fought by Japan within the period.

c) Information on Japanese military personnel involved in armored operations or vehicle design and manufacturing during the period

d) Information on the location and condition of any relics (museum vehicles, privately held vehicles, range targets, or whatever) pertaining to the topic.

This is not a modeling group per se, although much of what might be discussed would be of use to those interested in the modeling of military miniatures. Similarly, there may be some spill-over into the world of wargaming (aka “conflict simulations”, both paper- and computer-based).

This group is moderated, and any postings not conforming to the above criteria will be removed. Each criterion stands on its own, but I will make exceptions for postings that may cut across more than one.

Terry Stibal
Moderator, Senshagun


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