A Little JIGG History from STAN!

STAN! aka Steve Brown talks about the formation of JIGG.

Both Steve and I were starting games clubs, and Steve asked me if we could work together. We met up and put out ads.
I too put out many ads trying to get members. But Steve was by far the drive behind the club and our first president.

Steve also put out our magazine, “The Guild Notes.”


3 thoughts on “A Little JIGG History from STAN!

  1. Kev, I may not have been able to say it in this video (which is already twice as long as the producers WANTED it to be), but there wouldn’t BE a JIGG if not for you … and I’m a little embarrassed that my story makes it seem otherwise. I may have gotten the JIGG ball rolling, but my time with the group was really only a couple of years — you’ve been carrying the torch the WHOLE time!

    Really, what I’m saying is that you, Kevin Burns … YOU are the Gamerati, too! And I want everyone to know it!

  2. Great video!
    Its good to finally put names behind faces!
    I am embedding it in the JIGG page in board game geek and meetup.

    I hope to see you guys in one of the game days!
    We are trying to get a game day going on every weekend.
    We currently have on the second and last weekend of the month and we are planing to start one more after new year. 🙂

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