How to Organize a Game Day

I thought this was too good not to pass along. Mike Montesa is bang on:

The Article Below is About Organizing a Game Day (But I Thought it Could Apply to Anything You Would Like to Do in Japan)

Don`t just sit around wishing, if you organize, people will come!–Editor

“There are many “I want to get into a game,” posts but very few, “I will
run X,” posts.

If you run it, they will come.

My advice is to really “sell” your game. Your post should list the
system, date, time, and location of course. Also a short blurb about
the adventure you’re going to run can really help. Note if the
characters will be pre-gen or not.

For non-rpgs, same drill. Talk up the game you want to play if it’s not
a well known one.

Fix a date and time, then do it.

I’ve managed to get games going like this many times over the years.

If you run it, they will come.

But remember, it’s kinda like fishing sometimes. Use the right ‘bait’
and you’ll get a big haul.”

Mike Montesa at the JIGG (Tokyo) forum


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