Game Market 2012

Game Market 2012 in Tokyo, Japan

The Game Market 2012 convention will be held in Tokyo again on Nov 18th, near Asakusa station. Lots of great games to see and try. It’s 800yen entry fee, the details are in this link. You can also buy the catalog around October (which is
the ticket to enter the convention) at Yellow Submarine. So if you are interested in checking out a board gaming convention, mark this in your diary.

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中古ゲームのバザール&オークション。さらに、ゲームサークルの同人誌即売会&ゲーム大会など、電源不要系ゲームを対象にしたゲームイベントです。 普段発表の場が少ない創作ゲーム、遊ばなく


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