A Reality game

A Reality game – “Call of Duty”

My favorite game is called “Call of Duty”. This game is one of the big hits in the game industry. The sixth edition has just been launched recently. The game is about previous wars and classified missions to stop terrorists from reaching their goals. I love this game because it shows that there are true terrorists all around the world and from different nationalities. It also shows that there are good people who will put their life at risk just to prevent innocent people that they haven’t met from getting hurt or dying. The main story of the game is that the player impersonates a soldier going through the stages of the game till he gets the person responsible for the attacks. This teaches the player that investigating leads is the main source of information. The second part of the game is to play online against other players from different countries. There are many kinds of games while playing in the online mode; like team death match which teaches the player how to play as a team in order to win the battle. Another one is a capture the flag scenario, which teaches the player how to attack and defend his homeland at the same time. The game has a lot of violence and disturbing scenes therefore, I don’t recommend it for children. This game has taught a lot of interesting things so if you have the time please try it.

by Faisal Yacoub AL Dossary