Zero Charisma

I gotta see that! LOL!


Movie Trailer – Zero Charisma

A lot of the guys I played games with over the years, are great, great guys and really intelligent, interesting people.
But here and there, there was someone just totally off the wall, that I didn`t care for.  Plus I am more of a tennis player who enjoys games.

This movie is about roleplaying. I am more of a wargamer.   I never really felt I fit in with the roleplayers. More with the wargamers, but I wasn`t as serious as a lot of them.

They can go all day and all night, I just can`t. I never could.

The most fun I ever had roleplaying was with a few games – one was a live roleplaying game outside, in a park in Machida.  That was blast.  Kind of like being in 24, and you didn`t know who your friends or the enemies were.   Another time we played Call of Cuthulu at my school late at night.  That fun, kind of mystical and scary.
My school is in the kind of cottage like building near the river.  Another game I played, you had to make funny TV commercials for a product everytime you had a chance to.
My friend Lee Gunby actually made the game and it was fun.

I want to see that movie!  Thanks,


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