On Making D&D Characters & More

On Making D&D Characters & More

Nagash, the Snakeman

Some helpful links for D&D:

For Character Making: Make D&D Characters

The average is 5. Rounded up for health.

Character Sheets: Character Sheets

D&D Insider

This link will take you to a list of Druid spells, arranged by level.

At the top, you can sort the list alphabetically too.

Druid Spells:


Be Careful of Etsy

Be Careful of Etsy

Be very careful if you order from Etsy, there is a shopping cart glitch that orders two of the product for you. And some of the shops have a : cancel within the hour policy. I just got stuck having to pay for two of the same thing.

I will be buying two DnD, DM screens….sigh

I ordered from Lockwood Smith . They have a policy that no matter what, if you don’t cancel within one hour of ordering, it’s a done deal. Not very kind if you ask me.

Of course in one hour, you are unlikely to realize there is a problem.

Buyer Beware!