The Lost Mine of Phandelver

The Lost Mine of Phandelver – Introduction – a D&D Adventure

5 hearty adventurers set out on a quest of dignity and honor to help their dear friend Gundren Rockseeker reclaim his people’s birthright and ensure the prosperity and security of Phandalin – if they can survive the dangers of the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Your mutual friend, a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker, has asked you to bring a wagon load of provisions to the rough-and-tumble settlement of Phandalin, a couple of days’ travel southeast of the city. Gundren was clearly excited and more than a little secretive about his reasons for the trip, saying only that he and his brothers had found “something big,” and that he’d pay you ten gold pieces each for escorting his supplies safely to Barthen’s Provisions, a trading post in Phandalin. You accept. He then set out ahead of you on horse, along with a warrior escort named Sildar Haliwinter, claiming he needed to arrive early to “take care of business.”

You are preparing to leave the city of Neverwinter. And it begins….

Lost Mine of Phandelver

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DnD Introductory Information & Links

Some helpful information for those that are new to Dungeons and Dragons.

Here are links to some info which might be of interest to beginning players.

Starter Set Rule Book

Web-based version of D&D 5e Basic Rules

Here is a video introduction to a DM taking a party of newbie players through a basic adventure
Starter Kit: D&D Edition

If you have 3 hours – Fun Introduction to both D&D and the Critical Role Campaign
Be warned, Your trip to Phandalin and the Sword Mountains will be vastly different…
Curious Beginnings | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 1

Best D20 for Running a World War 2 Game


List of Various Bonus Actions for different characters.

Triple A: Camp David 1967 Scenario

Triple A: Camp David 1967 Scenario

My 2 sons and I played the Triple A: Camp David 1967 Scenario. Both my boys enjoyed it. I did too. Though the AI was interesting.

Triple A 1967 Arab Israeli War

Like the actual war, the Israelis were on the ropes early, but later on they went on the offensive.

Jonah, Sennah and I took charge of different Israeli commands. Jonah took the central command, Sennah took the Northern command, and I took the southern command.

The Egyptian’s, built many jets but rarely used them and seemed content to just keep the Sinai

But once I started to attack the sign I and even took over part of the Suez Canal, still Egyptians did almost nothing to stop me.

The AI could be a lot better. Still we had fun, and during a time of Covid19 as well!

So hats off to the scenario designers of Triple A and of this particular scenario.