Cheap Wargaming

This was originally posted at the Cheap Wargaming Group at Facebook. It is made entirely out of garbage.

Amazing what some people can do with trash!

Japan’s ¥100 shops are sometimes a treasure trove of supplies for table top Wargame scenery. As well, even the local Pizza Hut can supply you with a badly needed part of a SciFi vehicle you are building. Best of all, these things are free or nearly so. Enjoy the photos below!

War of the World’s

The legs are courtesy of Pizza Hut and the body is a bathroom air freshener.

The aliens from Mars have landed.

Seria is Japan’s premier ¥100 shop. It is worth checking out every month or so, and it is beneficial to check out different ¥100 shops here and there as their stock is always changing.

Pallets and boxes from Seria, great for 28mm games.
I may use these pipes for 3D Space Hulk or even Warhammer 40k. (Bought at Seria, in Machida)

Painting Cheap Plastic Figures

Making terrain Buildings from Trash

Alternatives to Games Workshop

Alternatives to Games Workshop

Warmachine & Hordes by Privateer Press: Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada & Firestorm Planetfall by Spartan Games: (Check out Teri’s Planetfall Unboxing here:…) Malifaux 2E by Wyrd:… Wild West Exodus: Star Trek Attack Wing:… D&D Attack Wing: Bushido: Strange Aeons: Zombicide: