Painting Advice

Painting advice from Bruce:

I told Bruce I had bought two contrast paints from GW – cost? A whopping 2120 Yen!!! Yikes!!!


I bought two tiny bottles of contrast paints. ¥2120!!! Expensive! I won’t do that again.


Yep. They are steep. Trade off less painting time for money. Which is more important? Other alternatives exist for paints that perform similarly. Antithesis paints have gotten good reviews. If you’re using Tamiya, try their effects paints. ‘Smoke’ is worth using. I still hate the way their paint behaves but a few options are good for me. YMMV. Buying six singles in one order, with fixed shipping, comes to about 650 yen per bottle. Still expensive for many people but significantly less than GW.

Thank you Bruce!

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