Zero Charisma

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Movie Trailer – Zero Charisma

A lot of the guys I played games with over the years, are great, great guys and really intelligent, interesting people.
But here and there, there was someone just totally off the wall, that I didn`t care for.  Plus I am more of a tennis player who enjoys games.

This movie is about roleplaying. I am more of a wargamer.   I never really felt I fit in with the roleplayers. More with the wargamers, but I wasn`t as serious as a lot of them.

They can go all day and all night, I just can`t. I never could.

The most fun I ever had roleplaying was with a few games – one was a live roleplaying game outside, in a park in Machida.  That was blast.  Kind of like being in 24, and you didn`t know who your friends or the enemies were.   Another time we played Call of Cuthulu at my school late at night.  That fun, kind of mystical and scary.
My school is in the kind of cottage like building near the river.  Another game I played, you had to make funny TV commercials for a product everytime you had a chance to.
My friend Lee Gunby actually made the game and it was fun.

I want to see that movie!  Thanks,


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All Zombies Must Die!!!!!!!!

All Zombies must die! I came by this political argument naturally. I think it is more apt than most of what the Republicans, the Democrats and the Tea Party espouse! I mean, come on! I`m like the next guy, I try to give Zombies the benefit of the doubt, Obama argues for tolerance, and on this he says…

A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones

Fantasy Flight Games URL:

by Kevin Burns JIGG Kanagawa

Licensed games often fail in more ways than one. The quality is poor as it has been rushed out the door to take advantage of some new fad, or because of the theme the designer hasn`t been able to capture the flavour of the game or worse, has relied
on the game`s theme to sell the game. Instead of making a great game.

A Game of Thrones is different! It is a great game and comes with a very beautiful board. Based on George R. R. Martin`s, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” novel series and published by Fantasy Flight Games, it is very, very good. Just how good? Well my
friends and I repeatedly play it, that`s how good.

Each player takes the role of one of five great houses of the Kingdom of Westeros, shortly after King Robert’s death. The ultimate goal is to conquer the kingdom and take the Iron Throne.

Similar to Diplomacy, the game is diceless, with random elements introduced by card draws.

“Players decide their strategies by placing order tokens on their units or provinces, face down, so other players have to guess at what’s next. A full, five-player game can take up to three hours. Game balance for three and five players is good, although four players may find the game easily tilted unless they agree to leave House Lannister out of the mix.”–

A few expansions are now available for this great game. Indeed the game reminds me of Diplomacy with a beautiful board and more chrome. Highly recommended especially if you enjoy the novels.Labels: , , ,

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How to Make a Warhammer Gaming Terrain Board

How to Make a Warhammer Gaming Terrain Board

Pictured:  Games Workshop`s Necrons Codex for GW`s Warhammer 40K.

by: Matthew Glanfield

The first thing to consider in continuing a Warhammer gaming hobby is to construct a terrain board that will fit all your models. This will give you a fun and exciting place to put all you Warhammer games on which is much better place to play on rather than on the kitchen table or on the floor.

It will also provide you more options on your terrain pieces and create more terrain pieces that will fit on the your table, creating a gaming environment that appears and feels impressive and realistic. It will also enhance your gaming experience and allows you to play more with its wide space area depending on the size you will be doing.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own gaming boards. There are many options in creating your own gaming boards, it includes the materials to be use, but this is the one which is the easiest and the cheapest as i have found out so far.

What size board should you create?

There are a few options to choose from. They include:

-2′ x 2′

-4′ x 4′

-4′ x 6′

-4′ x 8′

(’ denotes feet – one foot = 30 cm)

The 2′ x 2′ boards are very flexible and allow you to create terrain that you can move around and form into various pieces, especially if you build in hills or rivers.

However, our favorite size to choose is 4′ x 4′ boards, as it is a very good standard board size and it is very good for battles as high as a few thousands points on each side. It is also easy to add two of these boards together to form a 4′ x 8′ playing area for especially large battles, whereas with the 2′ x 2′ boards this is a little more clumsy and creates a playing area with a lot of gaps and unsightly lines.

But in the end it is always you that will choose on what board that will best fit your gaming mood.

Materials and Tools Needed

Here is a list of materials that you will need:

-1/2 sheet of plywood (4′ x 4′)

-16′ of 2?x1? (pine is what we use, but it doesn’t matter)

-16 x 1 1/4? screws

-power drill

-small drill bit (3/16? should work)

-measuring tape




(WARNING: You should ALWAYS have adult supervision when using any tools or power tools.)

Step 1 – Cut 2?x1? to size

Our first step that will be doing is to divide the 2?x1? into four pieces, two 4 feet long and the other two is 46 inches long.

Step 2 – Create foundation

Drill holes first on the wood before putting in any screws. This will prevent the wood from splitting. After you have drilled holes on the wood you can then screw in the screws using either your power drill if you have or simply by hand. Be sure to screw it tightly to gain enough strength on your foundation.

Step 3 – Attach Top

Attach the plywood on the top of your frame. Once again drill holes wherever you will be putting in screws to prevent splitting. Three to four screws on each sides should be fairly enough. Once you are finish in screwing down the plywood on your frame, use the sandpaper to polish all corners to get rid of any silvered wood. This will give you a smooth edge on your table for better look.

That’s it after polishing all the edges and the sides be sure to check all the screws if it screwed tightly you have now your gaming board with a strong foundation. The next step is to finish the top but will be discuss in another article.

About The Author
Matthew Glanfield is the webmaster for, a site that strives to provide useful resources to players of the Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, and Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.

You can visit his website at http://www.miniwargaming.comLabels:

Pictured below: Games Workshop`s Warhammer 40K

Eldar Codex Book

How to Make Warhammer Modeling Flock

How to Make Warhammer Modeling Flock

by Matthew Glanfield

Spending almost $200 of your budget for a modeling flock is too big just to produce a 4′ x 4′ grassland gaming board. Is always be a problem you will face in making a gaming terrain but this will not be a hindrance for you to experiment on what decision to undertake. Because you want to work on a small budget this is something you had get over.
Doing research on Yahoo or Google on how to create a modeling flock or by just simply asking a friend who knows how to create one. That can lower the $200 to a $10 or less. But be sure to watch and read on the instructions for they will cause you problems in the results of your modeling flock. You should admit that making your first modeling flock will not be that easy for it will not produce similar to the modeling flock that cost $200. You should not be afraid to try every thing every possible way to have your modeling flock be the flock you want.
Without further delay the content of this article is the detailed instruction on how to make a modeling flock.

Step 1 – Get Your Materials Ready
Here is what you’ll be needing:
-a container to mix it in (we use a gallon sized ice cream container)
-a cookie sheet to dry the modeling flock on (don’t use new ones, your mother / wife won’t be happy)
-a tube of green paint (in the picture it shows a tube of blue paint and a tube of yellow paint, but we found it easier to just get a tube of green paint)
-a stirring stick
-sawdust (that’s right, modeling flock is just dyed sawdust!)
-a fine strainer
The tubes of paint that we use are 4 U.S. fl oz, or 118 mL. We buy them at the dollar store for $1.
You can get the sawdust from any lumber mill that near your place. They should be more than happy to hand over a garbage bag full free of charge. If not, then just find someone you know who is a carpenter.
Take note that the sawdust should have been made from sanding, not from cutting wood.

Step 2 – Dilute The Paint
First you will need to dilute the paint that you are going to use to dye the saw dust. The amount of paint that you water down will determine how much flock you will make.
You will discharge the entire 118 mL tube of green paint into the container and then fill the container 3cm (about 1 1/4 inches) full of water.
WARNING: If you water down the paint too much your flock will be brown.
This is the common mistake which will end up with ugly stuff and waste. Even though it started out a nice green it will end up an ugly brown, which was useful only to be used as dirt and not grass. But we are going to create a grassland so better careful.

Mix the water and paint with a stirring stick. You can use any typical stirring sticks that you get from the paint stores, but you can really use anything that you don’t care getting stained with green paint.
(Important Note: The colour of your flock will be slightly browner than the green paint that you mix, so choose a colour paint that is slightly brighter than your desired modeling flock colour.)

Step 3 – Add the Sawdust
The next procedure is to add the sawdust on the paint. First add a small amount just to turn the watered down paint mixture into a compact sludge. Then continue adding more and more sawdust until it is mixed in well with the paint.
The easiest way to tell when to stop adding sawdust is when you add a bit more and it is very hard to mix in (i.e. it is hard to get rid of the brown sawdust). This is the point where you should stop.
Warning: If you stop sooner your flock will not be fine enough.
However, don’t expect your flock to be as fine as the Games Workshop version at this point for they already perfected the mixing of the paint and the sawdust. That will come sooner or later.
Once you have finished mixing the flock you are ready to move to next step.
Step 4 – Spread Out Your Modeling Flock to Dry
You will now need to spread out the modeling flock to dry. You can use two cookie sheets to dry out the amount of flock made with your desired proportions.
In spreading out the damp modeling flock it should be evenly as possible, then put it in a cool dry place and not be hit by strong winds for 24-48 hours. Make sure it is completely dry before proceeding to the next step, or else you will not get the same quality results as what Games Workshop produces.

Step 5 – Screen the Modeling Flock To Make It Finer
A fine strainer with a small openings you will have in doing the last step and that is to screen the modeling flock through it. There may be bunches that are just too hard deal with. You should really work if this happen until you cannot screen a dust from it. This will not be garbage cause it can be use as a mossy rock on another models. provides useful tips and tricks on creating Warhammer terrain, Warhammer 40K terrain, and more. Read more of these tips and tricks in our fully illustrated MiniWarGaming site by visiting

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Matthew Glanfield is the webmaster for, a site that strives to provide useful resources to players of the Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, and Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.