Future Bee

I’m getting used to seeing updates on the stock of Yellow
Submarine;Shinjuku’s stock on this list, so i thought i might post
the info on how to get to one of my favorite game spots in tokyo.
It’s called Future Bee, it’s open from noon to 9:30 most days, and
once you’ve paid a (very reasonable) 1000 yen membership fee, you not
only get discounts on all the cardboard crack you buy, but you have
unlimited access to their playspace, where you can just about always
find somebody for a trading session or duel against at magic. (Many
other CCGs can be found here, but mostly magic is what gets played.)
How to get there…

Hop the yellow JR line (sorry, forgot the name.) from Shinjuku
heading towards Tokyo & Chiba. Around half a dozen stops later you
hit Suidobashi. Take the east exit off the platform, downstairs and
a right turn out of the ticket collection wickets. Hop the street
just in front of you and then use the crosswalk over the street to
your left. Take a right turn off the crosswalk, go two blocks (one
short then one long) and look down the side street on your left. You
should be able to see the future bee sign from here, 1.5 short blocks
away on the right side of the street. There’s an elevator off the
street to get in. The main playspace is on the second floor, with
other collectible cards (non-playing) on the 3rd floor.
The JR fare from shinjuku is 160 yen. These directions probably
work just fine coming from Tokyo/Chiba as well, but i’ve never tested
them coming that way. Be warned that most of the participants here
only speak a smattering of english, but i’ve found that to be less of
an obstacle than you’d expect. (And hey, the reason i got back into
magic was to have a reason to use more japanese, personally. There
are ~2000 major kanji to learn, and i’d say i’ve picked over 100
already using that specialised eidactic memory for magic cards that i
always thought was going to be a waste of craniumspace before.)
These guys also host frequent magic tournaments – around once a
week or more often.

p.s. i’ve also found another store in shinjuku with a decent stock of
assorted RPGs&CCGs and a tremendous assortment of modelling supplies
to make any tabletop gamer drool. Write me if you’re interested in
getting directions here. That & Yellow Submarine:Akihabara has in
addition to game sales a small play area, but you have to pay for
entry by the day (~300 yen) and the area is smaller than Future Bee’s.