JIGG Kanagawa Board Games Club

JIGG Kanagawa Board Games Club

JIGG Kanagawa Boardgames Club

Do you like to play boardgames? Do you live in or can you come to Kanagawa?

Get in on the game!

We play boardgames of all kinds. New members always welcome! Membership is free!

We speak Japanese and English! Come if you love to play board games, wargames, role playing games or strategy games. Traditional games like chess are also played.

Contact Kevin

kevins_english_schools at yahoo.com


JIGG Kansai celebrates 10 Years!

Reposting this from the JIGG Kansai Facebook Group

Happy 10th Anniversary everyone! To celebrate the occasion I’ve done a little research.

In 1992 Steve Brown and Kevin Burns start JIGG (Japan International Gamers Guild) by placing an add in the local English language paper in Tokyo. It’s a club, probably the first ever in Japan, for playing roleplaying games and miniature war games in English in Japan. Board games are played occasionally too. Their first digital presence is a yahoo email group made in 1999.

In July of 2005 the Work Abroad Aussies Yahoo Group is renamed Kansai JIGG and our little cadre of gamers was born. Well, nearly, at least. By 2007 this group was defunct, no longer in use. At this point our all mighty founding father, Ryan Thomas stumbles upon the group while looking to start his own Kansai-based analogue gaming community, this time very much about board games. He and Linda Jane Hicks use the group to start up their famously generous gaming days in Moriguchi (with meals provided). This, I argue is the start of Kansai JIGG, the board gaming club.

To continue the story by 2009 Ryan is the moderator of the group and gaming is taking place weekly on Tuesdays (as well as other days, sporadically). The big events continue to happen at Ryan’s 3 story house but most of the gaming is happening at people’s apartments with a lot happening at Kobe’s Port Island. A variety of games are played but if there was one quintessential JIGG game it was undoubtedly Battlestar Galactica, with every old time member having a story or five about betrayal and deception.

The club’s GW conventions are so popular that private space needs to be booked out to contain everyone. Gradually, JIGG moves away from people’s homes and into regularly scheduled rented spaces run by Keith Ibsen and JIGG is pretty much how we know it now. The JIGG brand is sufficiently reinvigorated by this time that in 2011 people like Mandy Tong start up Tokyo JIGG continuing the tradition where the whole thing originally started.

Now then, you might think that the story ends there, but no! During my research I discovered something quite amazing. The Steve Brown who originally started JIGG in 1992 is also the person known as “Stan! Brown” online. He’s a game designer/editor/illustrator at WOTC working on D&D and has worked on all sorts of classic games at TSR and West End Games. You can even hear him talking about the creation of JIGG on the official D&D podcast here at the 1 hour mark:


I’ve contacted the dear fellow and if we’re lucky he may get in touch. So that is how we got here and here is to many more decades of future JIGGing! To all those who were actually there at the time please do tell me if I made any mistakes!

Tokyo`s Annual Game Market

by Mandy Tong

Put May 13th in your calendars 🙂
On May 13th, it’s the annual Tokyo Game Market. There’s a lot to see and buy. Lots of great board games. Lots of ENGLISH board games, and of course I’ll be there (but if you want to see me, you’ll need your running shoes on, as I’ll be running around buying games). If you are free, just pop along, and go visit some of the great stalls. Also it’s right next to Asakusa…ooohh…

JIGG (Booth 122) will be there, Castle Tintagel (Booth 123) will be there. OKAZU games (127) will be there. Joe Yamasaki will be there!!! (He’s the man! He supplies me my fix). Oooh I can’t wait.

If you want to go, you can buy a catalog at the door, or pre-buy one at Yellow Submarine/Shosen Grand *800yen only. Lots of games to try, and you can even win games.

2-6-5, Hanakawado, Taito Ward, Tokyo, Japan , Tokyo

Finally all the arrangements have been made and it is true!
JIGG Tokyo will attend this spring Game Market with a booth!
JIGGer’s all around the world rejoice!!!

For people that havent attended before, “Game Market” is the biggest boardgame event in Japan which is all about boardgames. It’s lately growing to be the GenCon of japan! A few of us attended the GM in past years, but not organized as a group. This years GM gives us the chance to promote JIGG to a broader audience and have an increasing number of members join our ranks!

JIGG`s Logo Contest!

Japan`s International Gamers Guild is having a logo contest and offering fabulous prizes! Unlike a Canadian game show,
JIGG is offering some pretty nice prizes for winning!

See the Latest JIGG Logo Competition Entries here. Please feel free to Enter. You can enter as many times as you’d like.

Learn More at JIGG

How to Organize a Game Day

I thought this was too good not to pass along. Mike Montesa is bang on:

The Article Below is About Organizing a Game Day (But I Thought it Could Apply to Anything You Would Like to Do in Japan)

Don`t just sit around wishing, if you organize, people will come!–Editor

“There are many “I want to get into a game,” posts but very few, “I will
run X,” posts.

If you run it, they will come.

My advice is to really “sell” your game. Your post should list the
system, date, time, and location of course. Also a short blurb about
the adventure you’re going to run can really help. Note if the
characters will be pre-gen or not.

For non-rpgs, same drill. Talk up the game you want to play if it’s not
a well known one.

Fix a date and time, then do it.

I’ve managed to get games going like this many times over the years.

If you run it, they will come.

But remember, it’s kinda like fishing sometimes. Use the right ‘bait’
and you’ll get a big haul.”

Mike Montesa at the JIGG (Tokyo) forum

A Little JIGG History from STAN!

STAN! aka Steve Brown talks about the formation of JIGG.

Both Steve and I were starting games clubs, and Steve asked me if we could work together. We met up and put out ads.
I too put out many ads trying to get members. But Steve was by far the drive behind the club and our first president.

Steve also put out our magazine, “The Guild Notes.”

Golden Week Convention in Moriguchi-shi, Osaka-fu

Photo of train station in Japan by
Richard Baladad

Golden Week Convention in Moriguchi-shi, Osaka-fu

Hi there. For the third year running, we are hosting a gaming event in Osaka.

Last year’s attendance was around 35 on the biggest day, and we’re hoping for
something similar … or even better … this time around.

The convention is a 4 day event, running from Friday 29 April to Monday 2 May
and concludes with a BBQ dinner in the park near our house.

On the first and last day, it will be held at our house. We have booked large
community centre rooms for the Saturday and Sunday, which we are expecting to be
the two biggest days. As always, it’s a fully catered event – no need to leave
the venues to find food 🙂

We have created a bunch of polls on the Kansai JIGG site for this year’s
convention attendance. You’ll need to join the Kansai JIGG to answer the polls.

Here is some important information you’ll need in order to do that.

This year the fees will be as follows:

Per day: 1,500 yen including food and drink throughout the day. This is usually
a self service all day sandwich and salad bar or similar, with various snacks
and soft drinks provided.

Accommodation: 1,000 yen per night at our place including breakfast and your own
special corner of the floor, complete with cat wake up call. If we’re full, we
can try to find a billet or recommend some local places.

Sunday evening dinner: 500 yen extra, as it will be provided at a local Indian
restaurant which is 2 minutes’ walk from the venue – and fabulous.

Monday BBQ: 1,000 yen per person – this covers all the food, but please bring
your own drinks.

Please let us know in the polls if you are interested in running or playing RPGs
or miniature/wargaming. It makes it easier for us to coordinate these.

Please bring your family, even if they aren’t interested in gaming. We will
provide space for them and non-gaming family is FREE!

The more the merrier. If you have some Japanese friends who are interested,
please invite them along. This is not a foreigner-only event.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Ryan & Linda