This Town ain`t Big Enough for the both of Us!

This Town ain`t Big Enough for the both of Us!

The Burns Gang of Dry Gulch, Texas, wanted the town. But so did those mangy Martinsens. One gang would have to leave. Which would it be? And how much collateral damage would occur? Those were two questions that knawed on me as I chewed my tobacco.

The Gunfight raged until sundown.
The Martinsens have a Burns all to themselves.
The Dry Gulch Hotel is a great place to drink, sleep and find a friend.
Clean beds!
There hasnt been a good hangin lately. I kind of miss it!
The Burns Gang on their way to meet the Martinsens. They want to show them who is boss.
The Martinsens leave the Dry Gulch Hotel, hung over but ready to go.
The Burns Gang is driven back and takes cover behind the hotel. Some think it unmanly to run and hide, but the gang is hoping to live to fight another day, with two men shot already.

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The undertaker is ready for business.
One Burns decides to stay and fight but it is now one against three and the Martinsens will prove that Dry Gulch is theirs.
Where is Doc Watson? Two men have been hit.
The sun sets on the battle. The Martinsens own Dry Gulch.

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Godzilla rages over Tokyo

Godzilla rages over Tokyo

“We want the people of Tokyo to know, we did our best under difficult circumstances.” -Tokyo Governor Koikei
Some of the carnage after Godzilla took out his wrath on Tokyo.

Godzilla entered our Olympic city and we were not sure of his intentions. Soon it became evident that he was pissed. Not being able to communicate with him, we decided to prevent as many deaths as possible by engaging with the enemy and calling on our American allies in Japan to help us do the same.

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Godzilla entered our city near Roppongi then ventured into Ginza. Fortunately we warned many citizens to get off the streets. We decided to do our best to either eliminate Godzilla or drive him off. In the end we were able to drive him

back into Tokyo Bay. The following are unaltered drone footage of the Battle of Tokyo. (Viewer discretion is advised.)

Some of the drone footage is award winning.

Kevin’s Guesthouse near Hakone is full of games you can play!

Painting Advice

Painting advice from Bruce:

I told Bruce I had bought two contrast paints from GW – cost? A whopping 2120 Yen!!! Yikes!!!


I bought two tiny bottles of contrast paints. ¥2120!!! Expensive! I won’t do that again.


Yep. They are steep. Trade off less painting time for money. Which is more important? Other alternatives exist for paints that perform similarly. Antithesis paints have gotten good reviews. If you’re using Tamiya, try their effects paints. ‘Smoke’ is worth using. I still hate the way their paint behaves but a few options are good for me. YMMV. Buying six singles in one order, with fixed shipping, comes to about 650 yen per bottle. Still expensive for many people but significantly less than GW.

Thank you Bruce!

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Cheap Wargaming

This was originally posted at the Cheap Wargaming Group at Facebook. It is made entirely out of garbage.

Amazing what some people can do with trash!

Japan’s ¥100 shops are sometimes a treasure trove of supplies for table top Wargame scenery. As well, even the local Pizza Hut can supply you with a badly needed part of a SciFi vehicle you are building. Best of all, these things are free or nearly so. Enjoy the photos below!

War of the World’s

The legs are courtesy of Pizza Hut and the body is a bathroom air freshener.

The aliens from Mars have landed.

Seria is Japan’s premier ¥100 shop. It is worth checking out every month or so, and it is beneficial to check out different ¥100 shops here and there as their stock is always changing.

Pallets and boxes from Seria, great for 28mm games.
I may use these pipes for 3D Space Hulk or even Warhammer 40k. (Bought at Seria, in Machida)

Painting Cheap Plastic Figures

Making terrain Buildings from Trash

Making Cheap Bases

I asked the following to a more experienced gamer than I, my good friend Bruce M.:

What kind of cardboard would your recommend for making cheap bases for table top wargame miniatures? Would cereal boxes suffice or something thicker? I have used box cardboard before but it did not look so good. I wanted to get the standard bases so that I could learn and then do my own. Any links that you know of for how to base in DBA–size and for which troops? And for the scale?

Bruce said: (Paraphrasing in some places)

I go thru a lot of A4 notepads writing notes for students, given to them at the end of lesson, and use the backing card for bases and making buildings.
A friend uses candy box card. Thick sturdy stuff. His wife and daughter are fans of the chocolate that comes in such boxes so he has a steady supply.

I used cereal box card for 6mm DBA and with paint and glue they are fine.
What scale are you using? I have some bags of Games Workshop plasticbases that might be useful. They are very stolid of course but quite thick so would probably only do for 25mm and up.

If you mount some figures using regular white glue, they can be torn off and rebased later if need be.
Have a look around your house, as it seems everyone probably has some stuff that might be useful.

Another option is flooring squares (100 yen shop) like linoleum.

Photo by on

Kevin`s Guest Houses near Hakone, Japan

Kevin`s English Schools

I am Hakone

Hotz Game Mats

Hotz Game Mats

Hotz Game Mats:
Has anyone else ever ordered from Hotz Game Mats?
I have been waiting since April for my order of mats?
I have heard Mr. Hotz is slow, but you always get your mats.
What has been your experience with Hotz?
Any comments, advise appreciated!


I finally got my Hotz Game Mats, and they took about 18 months to arrive.  So, I would not order from them if you are in a hurry!