Castle Tintagel in Mejiro

Hi all,

Castle Tintagel is planning to organize a monthly game day, every last Sunday of the month. The first such gameday will be held this Sunday January 31.

Where: Castle Tintagel in Mejiro ( )
when: Sunday January 31, 11AM to 6PM
Entrance fee: 500 yen

Snacks and drinks can be bought at Castle Tintagel.

Although Castle Tintagel is hosting this event, I suggested to Jay that I act as JIGG liason. I will send out emails telling everybody about upcoming gamedays. Questions can also be directed at me. It is my hope that this will serve to replace the Yoyogi-Uehara gameday now that it is no longer organized.

Nick S


War Zone offers Paintball & Survival Games

War Zone is a paintball and survival game field located in Chiba-ken. Here you can play various war games and get training similar to real combat military training based on the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). We have many instructors from different countries with real military background such as Israel, U.S and Japan. Here we offer you special seminars & courses for military training and tactics. Here you can engage others without getting injured, killed or hurting others; and you can play these games and have an idea about real military action. Even if you don’t have any experience you can still try to play or join our regular monthly courses and seminars……..

We offer clean toilets and coin lockers, and have 25 car parking space available. We look forward to seeing you soon!! Thank you!

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