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TK Game Diary has game rules in Japanese for many of the German games you know and love. So it is a good site to check out when you want to play games with your Japanese Friends.

Plus it has game reviews and game play examples.

TK Game Diary


A Solitaire System for Ancients

Well, most ancient battles are a more of deploy army, then release troops and hope they win it for you while you desperately send messengers to react to changes. So if you play each side intelligently with a basic battle plan, if should be fairly solitaire friendly.
I would imagine a few different tactics for each army, then roll a die for it. I would tailor the chart to the army some, but here is a basic.

1. Strong Left

2. Strong Right

3. Strong Center

4. Balanced Line

5. Pincer

1. General Advance

2. Break Flank on Strong Side

3. Raid with ranged, and threaten the Camp if possible.

4. Hold Strongest troops in reserve, advance.

5. Target weakest enemy troops

6. Target strongest enemy troops.

This was posted at BGG by a member there. Thought I would give it more exposure here.


Near Hakone and Hot Springs

Minamiashigara shi, Kanagawa, Japan

<blockquote>Located near the Kari River across from a supermarket with access to nearby Iiwahara Station (Daiyuzan Line). There is a restaurant next door and a
Sri Lankan restaurant and Japanese restaurants n…</blockquote></div></div>


Zero Charisma

I gotta see that! LOL!


Movie Trailer – Zero Charisma

A lot of the guys I played games with over the years, are great, great guys and really intelligent, interesting people.
But here and there, there was someone just totally off the wall, that I didn`t care for.  Plus I am more of a tennis player who enjoys games.

This movie is about roleplaying. I am more of a wargamer.   I never really felt I fit in with the roleplayers. More with the wargamers, but I wasn`t as serious as a lot of them.

They can go all day and all night, I just can`t. I never could.

The most fun I ever had roleplaying was with a few games – one was a live roleplaying game outside, in a park in Machida.  That was blast.  Kind of like being in 24, and you didn`t know who your friends or the enemies were.   Another time we played Call of Cuthulu at my school late at night.  That fun, kind of mystical and scary.
My school is in the kind of cottage like building near the river.  Another game I played, you had to make funny TV commercials for a product everytime you had a chance to.
My friend Lee Gunby actually made the game and it was fun.

I want to see that movie!  Thanks,


Review of Zero Charisma at Rotten Tomatoes

How to Teach English in Japan
About  teaching ESL in Japan
The straight story on getting a great teaching position in this exotic country. Photo by Richard Baladad
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A Reality game

A Reality game – “Call of Duty”

My favorite game is called “Call of Duty”. This game is one of the big hits in the game industry. The sixth edition has just been launched recently. The game is about previous wars and classified missions to stop terrorists from reaching their goals. I love this game because it shows that there are true terrorists all around the world and from different nationalities. It also shows that there are good people who will put their life at risk just to prevent innocent people that they haven’t met from getting hurt or dying. The main story of the game is that the player impersonates a soldier going through the stages of the game till he gets the person responsible for the attacks. This teaches the player that investigating leads is the main source of information. The second part of the game is to play online against other players from different countries. There are many kinds of games while playing in the online mode; like team death match which teaches the player how to play as a team in order to win the battle. Another one is a capture the flag scenario, which teaches the player how to attack and defend his homeland at the same time. The game has a lot of violence and disturbing scenes therefore, I don’t recommend it for children. This game has taught a lot of interesting things so if you have the time please try it.

by Faisal Yacoub AL Dossary