This Town ain`t Big Enough for the both of Us!

This Town ain`t Big Enough for the both of Us!

The Burns Gang of Dry Gulch, Texas, wanted the town. But so did those mangy Martinsens. One gang would have to leave. Which would it be? And how much collateral damage would occur? Those were two questions that knawed on me as I chewed my tobacco.

The Gunfight raged until sundown.
The Martinsens have a Burns all to themselves.
The Dry Gulch Hotel is a great place to drink, sleep and find a friend.
Clean beds!
There hasnt been a good hangin lately. I kind of miss it!
The Burns Gang on their way to meet the Martinsens. They want to show them who is boss.
The Martinsens leave the Dry Gulch Hotel, hung over but ready to go.
The Burns Gang is driven back and takes cover behind the hotel. Some think it unmanly to run and hide, but the gang is hoping to live to fight another day, with two men shot already.

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The undertaker is ready for business.
One Burns decides to stay and fight but it is now one against three and the Martinsens will prove that Dry Gulch is theirs.
Where is Doc Watson? Two men have been hit.
The sun sets on the battle. The Martinsens own Dry Gulch.

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