Zombies of Barkerville

Zombies of Barkerville

I had gone hiking for a few days by myself, North of one of Canadas most famous ghost towns, Barkerville BC. When I got back to Barkerville. Things had changed. It was like people were drunk, or a scene from Vancouvers Downtown Eastside. Everyone looked unhealthy or dead and kind of staggered around or dragged themselves around. I didn t fear them at first. But soon it became apparent that they wanted to eat me! That came as a shock!

(We used the Zombie Game rules by Alan Martinsen)

I soon realized that this was a worldwide pandemic and most of the world was gone it seemed. I met up with another guy and we headed to Quesnel. But ultimately I want to get back to Tsawwassen to see if my family is still alive. This is my story through pictures, as best I can tell it. The pictures are a re-enactment, as of course, I was not able to take photos as events unfolded.

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I was able to repair that jeep and get out of Barkerville with my new friend, Frank.
My jeep got stolen by some jaded Canadian soldiers who for some reason were driving American Army vehicles.

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