M. Evan Brooks

I have been writing wargame and strategy reviews for various publications for over fifteen years. At one time, I wrote an anthology of computer wargames for a computer magazine. As a guide to the gaming community, it has been updated and modified herein. Games are rated on a one-to-five star basis; contemporary game ratings have their stars (*) depicted in red, while older game ratings are depicted in black. The star rating is based on the game as initially released; this is to reflect the fact that the older games, especially on older machines (Atari 800, C-64), are simply not playable in today’s market, but did achieve milestones in game play, and should be recognized for their contributions. This is limited to games released between the advent of the computers and the close of the century. Due to lack of time and availability of product from manufacturers, I have been compelled to limit my coverage.
I have attempted to provide as much data as possible. However, unknown data is denoted by “xxx”. If you can fill in any data, please e-mail me; your contributions will be gratefully appreciated.

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One thought on “M. EVAN BROOKS HOME PAGE

  1. HI there,
    This may be in the wrong area, However I wanted to drop you a line.
    I recently picked up your book, Military History’s Top 10 Lists, and have been enjoying it.
    I was looking for the Computer war game page but have not been able to locate it.
    I was going to check out your rating for the V for Victory series. Here’s a link:


    I particularly enjoyed the Velikyie Luki and Stalingrad games in this series and was wondering if you were familiar with it. I think that they did a good job on supply, cohesion and fatigue

    I also was going to bring up in the television section the program “Tour of Duty” .

    I do not have a section to place this next idea, but I was impressed with how the program “Magnum P.I.” handled the Vietnam Veterans.

    Well thanks for your time

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